Integrated Labels

Our matt white permanent integrated labels are readily available in a range of sizes for eCommerce platforms such as eBay and Amazon. Perfect for shipping out your products with ease. Additionally, you can also order these as a specially made bespoke product, where you can arrange these labels in any place you need, making them great for integrating with a wide selection of platforms.

Available in 500 Sheet boxes only. 

Key Facts
Rectangle Label Specifications:
Materials: Uncoated woodfree paper

Sheet weight: 150gsm, which comprises 60-70gsm face, 60-70gsm craft backing with about 10-15gsm allowable for the adhesive and silicone.

Thickness: 56 µ

Adhesive: General use acrylic permanent adhesive

Min. App.Temp: +5ºC

Temp Range: -20 - +80ºC

-All of our integrated labels can be ordered as a made to order product, the rectangles on these labels can be put anywhere on the page to suit your specific needs-

Materials & Application
Label Usage
Stock & Delivery

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  • AMAZON Integrated Invoice, Address Labels & Packing Slip

  • EBAY Integrated Invoice, Address Labels and Packing Slip

  • INTA (87 x 56mm)

  • INTB Integrated Shipping Labels Stickers (56 x 87mm)

  • P001 Integrated Shipping Labels (150 x 100mm)

  • W001 Integrated Shipping Labels (80 x 110mm)