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Labels by Shape

Materials & Application

Find the ideal shape for your labels

At A4labels, we are pleased to offer an extensive range of different shaped labels for our customers to choose from. We stock all the usual shapes such as rectangle, square, and circular shaped labels, as well as more unusual cuts such as heart-shaped and star-shaped labels too. Whatever your labelling needs - whether it's for practical organisational purposes or something more artistic, our range of labels is where you'll find what you are looking for.

All our label shapes come in a variety of sizes, so whether you are looking for larger labels such as one per a4 sheet or lots of tiny labels such as 189 per a4 sheet (or anything in between!), we can provide the right labels for you.

An excellent range of labels by shape

We also offer a number of different pack sizes, namely 20 sheets, 100 sheets of 500 sheets. If you can buy in bulk, then we are happy to provide some great discounts meaning you save lots of money on your order. Our discounts are as follows: 5 packs of the same label type - 5% off 10 packs of the same label type -10% off, and 25 packs of the same label type - 20% off.

Need some help deciding which labels to order? No problem! Just call our helpful customer services team on +0333 253 8836, who'll be delighted to advise you.

Label Shapes

A range of label shapes and sizes

Square & Rectangular

Square and rectangular labels have numbers uses, including barcode and QR codes, or to label containers, folders, office filing systems, shelving, or display boards. They are also helpful when it comes to branding and marketing, as are ideal for printing business logos or contact information and sticking to marketing materials such as information packs or event invites.

As address labels, they can help businesses and individuals save time, effort, and energy by printing out lots of addresses at once. If you've got to send mail to lots of people, be that for a marketing campaign, event information, or just your Christmas card list, address labels are ideal. You can also add a personal touch such as a festive picture, your brand logo, or other design, and once printed, just peel and stick to your envelopes, and then you're ready to go!

Square and rectangular shaped labels also make great storage labels, and you can easily print or hand-write information and instructions on various items. In the retail industry, they can highlight information and help keep track of stock rotation.

Circle and oval

Highlighting important information - circle or oval labels are a more unusual shape, which means people are more likely to be drawn to them. Therefore for warnings or essential information, they can be particularly useful - sale prices on products, for example, or safety warnings on equipment.

Circle and oval labels also have many organisational uses in a business or a home office environment and can be used for organising calendars or marking filing systems. This shape is also fantastic to use as stickers for events, name badges, or to mark gifts, so they don't get mixed up.

They are also particularly useful in the kitchen for labelling jars and bottles, and you can write important information such as use-by dates on them too. Round labels are also used in businesses to label products such as cosmetics, wine bottles, food packets, and more.

Star shaped

Star-shaped labels are perfect to use for creative arts and crafts projects, and children will love them. They make great decorative stickers and can also be used on reward charts for children both at home and at school.

Stock & Delivery

Stock & Availability

All our labels are in stock and waiting to be shipped out to you directly when you finish your order. We know how important it is to send out our labels promptly; that's why we make sure our stocks are always topped up and so we'll get the packing and shipping process underway as soon as you complete your purchase.

Delivery Costs & Shipment

You can find our delivery information on each product page, with full explanations of what we can offer both in the UK and overseas.

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We are sure that you will be fully satisfied with your labels. However, if you have any questions about your order, or need some assistance deciding which shape of label will best suit your needs, or have any other questions about our product ranges, get in touch with our friendly team! We are always happy to help.